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English - Writing the essay

Writing the essay

The traditional structure of the essay

Let us look briefly at the structure of the analytic/expository essay.
There are many ways to start such an essay - you may begin with an anecdote
like Terry Lane, or a quotation that relates to the issue you are
discussing. But for examination purposes it is appropriate to use the
traditional structure of:

* introduction

* body

* conclusion

The introduction must do several things:

* introduce the topic and indicate your position

* clarify important terms in the question

* present an indication of your line of argument. Your conclusion does
not have to be stated in the introduction. Instead allow your reader to
explore ideas with you as you develop the discussion.


While there are problems associated with seeing the events that unfold in
_The Great Gatsby _through Nick's eyes, this technique is to a greater
extent illuminating than it is problematic. Nick's reflective character and
relatively minor part in the events make him the perfect vehicle through
which to observe the actions of Daisy, Tom and Gatsby. The first person
narrative enhances the novel by making the reader feel more involved, and
while the reader initially inherits Nick's fairly conservative viewpoints
and judgements of other characters, this is no doubt the intention of the

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Earning a diploma means a milestone in life for me. This is really the end of my childhood life and the beginning of adulthood and my career. This diploma means success, I went to three different high schools and I still managed to graduate on time while working a couple of jobs for most of my high school career. This diploma means self-worth and the confidence I now earned to do whatever I put my mind too. This diploma means growing up and being independent.

Some of my plans now that I am graduation are to go to college and to continue to work my part-time jobs. I would like to take summer courses because I feel like that would be beneficial to me. Over the summer I’m going to buy a car as a graduation gift to myself and the hard last four years I endured.

In the fall I will be attending Northeastern University. I want to study pharmacy at a four-year program and become a pharmacist when I finish college. I feel like that is a promising career for myself and I could really see myself going into that field of work.

Three benefits of attending Ombudsman are: the four hour school days. This is a huge benefit for students because it’s not too long and I feel like you can still get a lot done. Another benefit is working at your own pace. This is good because not all students learn the same way. Finally, the classes are interesting and the teachers actually care about the students.


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