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Self Confidence is the key to success, or we can say the first step to success. If a person has self confidence, he has won half the battle. Those people who have self confidence at work, school, and in their daily life always appear on top of world. Everything seems to go right for these people and they always seem to present themselves as calm, collected and successful in everything they do. This confidence ultimately creates opportunities for success and with each new success, another self confidence building block is put into place. Success builds self confidence with each new achievement. Self confident people perceive themselves as able to achieve those things they set out to do and this perception creates reality in their lives. Make a list of your strong points.

Note down all the positive things about yourself and the things that you are good at doing. Think of compliments you have received or things that come easily to you. Look at yourself in a different way than you are used to doing. It can change your life and help your confidence level to rise. See yourself as the self confident person you want to be and before you know it you will become that person. If you have a setback, do not let it get the best of you. Remember the times when you exhibited self confidence and how good it felt and then try again and each time will help you to build confidence and confidence building will become a way of life. Success will automatically enter your life once you start believing in yourself.


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Self-Confidence: The Key to Your Success

One common characteristic of the great leaders I meet is self-confidence, which of course makes sense. Leaders have to inspire confidence in others. It would be difficult for others to believe in us if we don’t even believe in ourselves.

Great leaders have to take risks. While getting to “acceptable” may not involve risk, getting to “one of a kind” does. Self-confidence gives great leaders the courage they need to take their companies—and themselves—to a new level of success.

A huge part of self-confidence comes from our previous success. Successful people tell themselves, “I have succeeded in the past. Therefore, I know I can succeed in the future.” That’s the good news about successful people’s belief in their previous success. The bad news is that it makes it hard for them to hear negative feedback.

Your Highlight Reel

You may not think that this applies to you, because surely someone who can’t hear negative feedback is suffering from an ego run amok. But look closely at yourself. How do you have the confidence to wake up in the morning and charge into work, filled with optimism and eagerness to compete? It’s not because you are reminding yourself of the screw-ups you have created and the failures you have endured. On the contrary, it’s because you edit out failures and choose to run the highlight reel of your successes.

If you’re like the successful people I know, you’re focused on the positives, calling up mental images when you were the star, when you dazzled everyone and came out on top. It might be those five minutes in the executive meeting when you had the floor and nailed the argument you wanted to make. (Who wouldn’t run that highlight reel in their head as if it were the Sports Center Play of the Day?) It might be your skillfully crafted memo that the CEO praised and routed to everyone in the company. (Who wouldn’t want to reread that memo in a spare moment?) When our actions lead to a happy ending and make us look good, we love to replay it for ourselves.

My partner, Mark Reiter, discussed this with a baseball star. Every hitter has certain pitchers against whom he historically hits better than he does against others. The star told Mark, “When I face a pitcher whom I’ve hit well in the past, I always go up to the plate thinking I ‘own’ this guy. That gives me confidence.”

“What about pitchers you don’t hit well?” Mark asked. “How do you deal with a pitcher who ‘owns’ you?”

“Same thing,” he said. “I go up to the plate thinking I can hit this guy. I have done it before with pitchers a lot better than he is.”

This hitter figured out a way to use his past success and apply it to a situation that wasn’t a total fit—using his prowess against certain pitchers to give him confidence when facing all pitchers. Successful people don’t drink from a glass that is half empty.

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