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Homeschool-Planet has been a life-saver for me and my daughter. Scheduling ,and re-scheduling, is so much easier than using a paper planning book. I haven't used all the features yet because we are enrolled in an official homeschool curriculum that tracks grades but having Homeschool-Planet to back me up has given my wife and I the confidence to take complete control of our daughter's curriculum starting next year in high school. The developers are constantly making the product better so if you don't see something you want in the product, ask. ...(more)
Michael Alexis, Co-op Member
We have been using Homeschool Planet for a year now and love it! I have been homeschooling my boys for 20+ years and have always used a homemade paper planner and I have to say that this program has made our lives so much easier!

The flexibility is wonderful; if we have a day we need to take a break, it is so easy to just move everything forward. Or, if we are only able to get some subjects completed, it is easy to move the rest forward another day.

The program makes my life easier and holds my kiddos accountable for their work. It's ...(more)
Jen G., Co-op Member
As the mom of an honors-level ninth-grader just beginning the homeschool journey, I needed something to help keep us on track with a lot of classes and extras. Homeschool-Planet fits the bill. I enjoy the fact that I can input and store all the info I need, and my daughter loves the simplicity of logging in to find, link to, and sign off on her assignments (she definitely prefers digital technology to paper or a dry-erase board). My favorite detail is being able to easily move assignments around as needed; that one element has already saved me ...(more)
L. Peterson, Co-op Member
When I heard about Homeschool Planet I jumped on the chance to try it out. We were a first year homeschooling family and the hardest part of the adjustment for all of us was lesson planning and tracking. My girls will tell anyone they can how disorganized I am! I had started with another on-line planning software solution that unfortunately just was not up to par and caused me to spend far too many hours scheduling and never seemed to work quite right. So I gave up quickly and reverted to using paper. I am not a paper person - if there is a ...(more)
Debbie M, Co-op Member
We love using Homeschool-Planet. My boys, ages 11 & 13, love how this homeschool planner provides them independence from mom. It also allows them to be better stewards of their own time w/o micro-managing them. As for me, I love the flexibility of the planner, as well as, the ease of using it.
Donna P., Co-op Member
After a miserable year last year of spending hours on Sunday afternoons compiling lists for all my kids, I knew something about my planning routine had to change. I have 6 children, and the youngest is starting preschool, so it had to be automated and EASY. I researched for weeks, but everything I found was either not user friendly, too expensive, too confusing or took just as much time to maintain as my paper system. I even had a Saturday afternoon date for coffee with my computer-geek husband and listed all the things I wanted a planning prog...(more)
Kerry Marsh, Co-op Member
From the very beginning, Homeschool-Planet was easy to use. Completely user-friendly and intuitive. While there are some free online planners available, this one was worth paying for. I wanted an online homeschool planner that I can access from anywhere but still have the ability to print out our week. I easily logged in and without having to learn the how-tos, I was able to input our entire school YEAR. I can easily schedule and reschedule classes, activities or chores. I like that I can color code all of it as well! It's easy to see yo...(more)
Raquel O., Co-op Member
After comparing features of many different online homeschool planners, I finally narrowed it down to Homeschool Planet for us, because I like being able to enter in multiple assignments at once, having mobile access, and scheduling assignments for both of my girls at the same time. Such a time saver and so easy to use!
Kathy Gossen, Co-op Member
Homeschooling Planet has been awesome. We use it just for homeschooling and love it. I use to write out every week what needed to be done for that week and hope it didn't get lost. Now I can put in the whole month and my son can look at it daily and do his work on his own and check it off when he is done. I also have the capabilities to grade things and it keeps track of it for me. I love it! We started with the 30 day trial and will be signing up for the year. Thank you for this service.
C Filipiak, Co-op Member
For a long time now, I have been searching for an organizer that would provide a clear and concise 'snapshot' of what is going on for a specific date or time period within my family. This product definitely seems to be that, where each of my children, my husband and myself can easily stay on the same page, and tasks needed are easily communicated. I love the widgets on the edges of the planner and the quotes have to be my favorite. I'm looking forward to using the grading helper as well as the schedule adjuster as we all know things come up dur...(more)
Sarah L., Co-op Member
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