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I read in the Modern Public School, Dallas. Every year we hold Annual Sports in our school. This year too, we held the Annual Sports.

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This year, the annual sports of our School was held on 3rd January 1994 and continued for three days. A temporary shed was raised close to the playground for the guest to sit and see the games. The P.K. Nanda, the secretary and the members of the school managing committee, the local officers and the local gentlemen came to see the performance. A large number of common people gathered behind the shed. Everyday the sports started at 7 A.M. and ended at 11 A.M. in those days competitions were held in many events. These events were long jump, high jump, Hundred-meter Race, Two Hundred-meter Race, Jilipe Race, Thread-and-Needle Race, Attention Test, Music chair, Football, Volleyball, Ringball, Hockey, Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Shotput-throw, Discus-throw, javeline-throw, Tug-of was and so on. Students below sixteen years played in the senior group. The girl-competitors played in the another group. Each competitor was allowed to play not more than three events.

The compititions began. The onlookers raised great uproars at the exciting moments of a game. The goal judges and the announcer were ready. Results were announced on mike at the end of every event.

After the final events, a meeting was held on 6th January by the evening. Shri P. K. Nanda distributed the prizes to the winners. He spoke a lot on sports and games. Thus the sports-week ended.


This year the Annual Sports was very interesting. There were keen competition among the players. I took part in the two hundred-meter Race and became first. In long Jump and High Jump I became second. My class won the Tug-of-was and got the Running Cup.

This year this Annual Sports was held with a great pomp and grandeur. Being decorated with green leaves and coloured papers; the whole school looked very ceremonious. While enjoying the function. I realized the importance of games and sports.

The annual sports day in our college

Sports are essential for achieving the true education. Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, was of the Nation, was of the opinion that true education meant harmonious development of three organs of man via; body, mind and soul, if anyone of these is neglected then certainly the purpose of Education is forfeited.

            Sports Day is celebrate in our college every year. If falls on 26th January. It was the only function that I took keen interest in and won two prizes, one is long race and the other unhitch jump on the scheduled day. The physical inst5ructors were busy in making preparations. All the classes from our college were extended invitation to participate. The play grounds were swept and water was sprinkled. It was a very bright and cheerful day. It was neither very cold nor very hot. It was neither very cold nor very hot. It was an ideal day for sports.

            A big tent was put up for spectators. The day started with the unfurling of the college flag and the march past of the athletes belonging to all the classes taught in the college. Our Principal declared the meet open. Then various events followed. The first item was the one hundred meter race.

            It provided a lot of interest and excitement. It was followed by two other with some teachers. It was a great fun seeing. Some guests in dark long suits taking off their coats and marching to the rescue of the guest team. There was a lot of noise and the students were raising the spirits of their favourite party.

            Then the college Director of Physical education read the report, after which the Chief Guest gave away the Prizes. It was a day full of excitement and enthusiasm. Several old records were broken and some new records were created. Then the function came to a close, with the spectators and participants going to their homes. Before leaving the playground all were entertained with tea and snacks.

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