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A Rose for Emily setting

A setting in a story, the context or environment in which the story is set or a drama acted. This is also referred to as the background. It also indicates the time in which the event occurred in this context we are going to discuss the setting of story, ‘The Rose of Emily.’ The story takes place Grierson’s home in Mississippi. William Faulkner created his own county, Mississippi County, Yoknapatawpha as the setting for all his fiction. William focused on Emily who was the last child in the lineage of Grierson who was still alive. This was during the early 1990s. The main character of the story is Emily Grierson who had died by then. It all began at her funeral when she died and her servant Tobe left the house. When she was alive, she was a charming, exciting and happy woman but when she grew old, she turned into a person who wanted to lead a single life away from people.

Emily was the only child of Mr. Grierson and as so she was always restricted him from dating or “courting.” and when the father died many people felt pity on her. The villagers believed that the thing that made his father send all men away from him is that they were not good for him. Neither did the townsmen know he had been having sexual relations with her daughter and when he died he left him all alone to herself. Later on she decided to date a Yankee man by the name Homer Barron but when the man planned of marrying her, she turned against him and poisoned him. This was because Emily had already seen his plans of the marriage not working.

No one had been in Emily’s house except for his servant Tobe. Emily during his life did not pay taxes ever since he met Colonel Sartoris simply because it was whispered by the past mayor that the city was indebted to her family. After the death of Homer, which the town people always thought that he had disappeared, there was a foul smell all around Emily’s house. The town people did not want an open confrontation with her and sorted to pour lime juice all over her property and with time the smell disappeared.

In conclusion, the setting of this story was to explain the future generations and how they dealt with their legacy. This description helps us picture a decaying Mississippi town in the post-Civil War in the south. We are also able to see how Miss Emily resists change by all means. The room that was entered during Emily’s funeral helps to indicate the different physical details of the values, ideas and attitudes of the place in different times. Emily’s house was the only house that did not change while the others made theirs beautiful in the town.

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A Rose for Emily Setting Analysis In "A Rose for Emily", a woman (for whom the story is named) confines herself in her somewhat large house in a small town during the early half of the twentieth century. For the most part, in order to understand the entirety of the story, it is vital to understand the setting and how each character develops it, and,or, interacts with it.

As far as the town is concerned, it is very isolated and the people seem to value this quality, as well as the lack of progression in social change, most. There is also a great deal of gossip that regularly circulates about the town's people with great interest. All this was best implied in the comment, "At first we were glad that Miss Emily would have an…show more content…

Of course, the bold commentary on Emily's, or anyone's, personal life definitely implies that gossip is a daily activity for the people about town.

Emily's house is where Emily spent most of her life in isolation after the death of her father. Externally, it is considered to be "an eyesore among eyesores"(716) It is amongst cotton gins and that were put up after homes that previously resided on the street had since been moved out. Her house is basically the picture of decay amongst the newer buildings. This could possibly signify Emily's position in the town, or the town's position in the rest of the world. On one hand, the town is small and isolated, but on the other hand, Emily has isolated herself entirely from the rest of the town and seems to cling to her past even more so than the town itself.

The interior of Emily's house "...smelled of dust and disuse -- a close, dank smell"(716). When the house's parlor was seen by some rare guests, it was described by the narrarator as " ...furnished in heavy, leather covered furniture...the leather was cracked; and when they sat down, a faint dust rose sluggishly about their thighs spinning with slow motes in the single sun-ray." People rarely set foot into this house, at Emily's discretion, so there is a sort of deadness and decay within it that seems to match it's owner who "... looked bloated, like a body long submerged in motionless water, and

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