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Generic STM32F407 Support

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Boards based on this chip are rapidly becoming mainstream across all four active code-bases and new features are appearing on a weekly basis as of May 2017.

New "Cube" STM32DUINO[1]



Maple-based STM32DUNIO[4]

To simplify support across multiple chips, board layouts and code sets, Arduino pin numbering now generally follows the Ports/Pins, e.g. PA0 = D0; PA1 = D1.

USB and DFO support varies across boards and code-bases. ST-LINK is generally supported for uploads.

"Black VET6" STM32F407VET6 Variant

Board marked "STM32F4XX STM32_F4VE V2.0 1509" on the back.

Main features:

74 GPIO pins across multiple headers.

A specialised 16 x 2 header marked "TFT" (16 data pins + strobes, plus SPI for touch).

A 2 x 10 JTAG/DBG IDE header.

An 8 pin female header for NRF24L01 RF (not WiFi) module.

Mini SD slot.

Mini USB which provides USB Serial (VCP) via the ST VCP driver (Read ALL the instructions when installing the driver - it's a 2-step process.)

4 buttons (RST, K..UP, K0, K1)

Three LEDs: "D1" = Power LED; "D2" = PA6 & "D3" = PA7

RTC and 8MHz crystals. RTC backup battery (CR 1220)

Many boards are fitted with additional flash - often a Winbond W25Q16 chip (16M-bit, 4KB erasable sectors & 32KB/64KB erasable blocks). Flash memory is on SPI1 - shared SPI with nRF2401 header (different /CS pins).


Pinouts table: Media:STM32F407VET6_pinoutDiagram.pdf

Arduino-style pinouts diagrams Media:Black_STM32f4VET6_Pinouts_Right.pdfMedia:Black_STM32f4VET6_Pinouts_Left.pdfMedia:Black_STM32f4VET6_Pinouts_JTAG-TFT.pdf

The digital pin assignments above (D0...D77) relate to the STM32F4 "Cube" libraries [5] and the matching variant files at [6]

MXCube PinMap Media:PinmapVET6.jpg

Board schematic (PCB and components list included): Media:STM32_F4VE_SCHEMATIC.PDF

Example SW (SPL & Keil style) & Schematic (39M): [7]


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The usb port in this board is not connected to the data lines, only to power, so the usb port can't be used for communications. The board is not recommended due to that reason and the better value of the "Black" board.

Board marked "WWW.39BOARD.COM V1.1" on the back.

The only advantage of this board over the black one is the 4MB spi flash, and smaller form factor. Otherwise the black board is a better option due to extra ports and sdcard socket.

Brief summary of the features:


Winbond 4MB SPI Flash (connected to SPI1?)

8Mhz main crystal

32Khz rtc crystal

JTAG and SWD debug ports

USART1 breakout pins

1 user button

Reset button

1 LED connected to PC02

STM32F407ZET6 Variant

144 pins

ZET6 boards have pads for a 16 bit parallel SDRAM chip, nominally IS62WV51216BLL-55TLI

See Black VET6 board above for software support.

Media:STM32F407ZET6 sch-1.pdf

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