Management Information System Coursework Columbia

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Accounting and Reporting at Columbia (ARC)

ARC is the University's web-based financial system. It includes modules for general accounting, procurement, and project costing (tracking financial information over a project life).


ADOL provides prospective students with a web interface to essential applicant information that resides in the mainframe SIS Admissions module.

Effort Reporting (ECRT)

Effort reporting (ECRT) is the federally mandated process by which the salary charged to a sponsored project is certified as reasonable in relation to the effort expended on that project. This system facilitates both the monitoring of effort distributions during the year and the required annual certification of effort.
Provides Electronic document storage and retrieval capabilities.

FFE (Financial Front End)

A majority of the Financial Front End (FFE) and FINSYS modules have been replaced by ARC. However, some modules remain in use and have been retrofitted to accommodate the new ARC ChartString and GL structure. They are:


InfoEd is a suite of products enabling faculty, administrators and staff to move efficiently through each part of the grant and contract process from proposal development to post award management.


MyColumbia is a web portal that centralized access to key administrative Human Resources and Financial applications.

PAC (People @ Columbia)

PAC is the University’s human resources system that integrates human resources, benefits, and payroll systems.

Pinnacle Management System

CUIT uses the Pinnacle Management System to bill University departments and schools for CUIT services and products. Pinnacle allows departments to review CUIT bills and enables CUIT to more effectively manage customer charges and associated billings.


Powerfaids is the main system used to administer student financial aid.

Research and Compliance System (Rascal)

Rascal provides Web access to compliance information for the Columbia research community.

ServiceNow Incident and Request Tracking System

ServiceNow is a web-based software application providing incident tracking and service requests.

Student Information System (SIS)

SIS is Columbia's integrated system for admissions, student records (registration, grades, course/class, transcripts, certifications, degree audit), financial aid, student accounts, and housing.


SSOL provides a web interface to essential student related information that resides in the mainframe Student Information System (SIS).

University Data Store (UDS)

The UDS is the repository where data from ARC, PAC/LA, Student and Historical systems is stored.

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