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I went to Dr Assignment website when was looking for writing help with my History paper. At the first slight I thought that this website with hi-tech design and plain layout was a writing company. Nevertheless, the front page stated something really different. As it turned out, the site was an online paper generating software. I’ve never even heard about these! Nevertheless, I decided to try out this tool.

Price policy

This website charges not for assignments, but for subscription. 1 month subscription is $19, 1 year is $99. As I understood, you can use the tool as many times as you wish while your subscription is active. I started for a month subscription as I wanted to try out things first. Payments can be made via any credit card or PayPal.

The paper creation process

I tried using AutoWriter. I was asked to enter the keywords, word count and various technical parameters of the text I would like to get in result. In less than 5 minutes the result was already available. To be honest, I was disappointed. In spite that my topic was clear, the paper was off-topic and poorly structured. I tried entering other keywords, and again didn’t get the paper I wanted. It started irritating me.

I decided to give AutoRewriter a shot. I took one of my old papers and uploaded it for rewrite. I got a similar paper, which was full of sophisticated words, and some of them didn’t make sense. To sum up, it was better than a writing tool; however, far not perfect.


As I didn’t get what I paid for here, I asked some friends to recommend me a good writing service, and I was offered to use Essay for Me . I cannot say I was totally happy with it, nevertheless, they provided me with a good college essay within a pretty tight deadline. If you want my advice, here it is: instead of wasting your money on tools like this, better find a good writing site and get papers from them.

Should you use an essay generator for school work?

Are you considering using an essay generator to help you with your school work? Is part of you saying you may just be cheating if you decide to use one?

If so, here are a few reasons why using an essay generator is actually a good idea, and could really help you with your grades.

Why use an essay generator? – While it may seem like using an essay generator is cheating, if you use them in the right way it is not at all.

In fact, not only can an essay generator help you with ideas for your paper, it can also give you a good base for your paper, help you with basic research and get you started on writing something that your teacher will love.

How to use an essay generator correctly – There are good ways to use one and bad ways to use one.

The bad way is to just have the program create an essay for you and then hand it in to your professor just the way it was written. That is a program doing the work for you and, if your professor finds out, you could be in a lot of trouble.

On the other hand, if you use a generator to write an essay for you as a basis for the rest of your work, it can save you a few hours of basic research and writing. Then, once you have the esay in your hand, all you have to do is to build on it and create something that is completely unique and your own work.

Where to find one – There are several online companies that provide this generating software. Just check out what each one offers and how much they charge before you choose.

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