It250 Linux Operating Systems Homework 3.1

Exercises 3 and 4 on page 182 What happens when you give the following commands if the file named done already exists? $ cp to_do done – $ mv to_do done – It would overwrite done. How can you find out which utilities are available on your system for editing files? Which utilities are available for editing on your system? Give the command apropos editor. Typical editors are vim, ex, ed, and gedit. Advanced Exercise 13 on page 183 Try giving these two commands: $ echo cat -$ cat echo -Explain the differences between the output of each command echo is to output to the screen whatever is after the command. This command is used a lot in scripts to display is to concatenate files or to display the contents of a file(s). This command is used to merge many files into one or to simply display the contents of a file to the screen. If displaying the contents, alternatives include "less" or "more". Exercises 1,2,3,6, and 7 starting on page 221

We encourage you to help one another in understanding the concepts and principles needed to do the homework assignments for this class. However, what you turn in must be your own, or for group projects, your group's own work. Copying any part of other people's code, solution sets, or from any other sources is strictly prohibited. Students in previous years have often been caught cheating by copying answers from the web, which turn out to be incorrect. The homework assignments must be the work of the students turning them in. Anyone found violating the class collaboration policy will be punished severely.

You must explicitly cite ALL sources of information that you reference as part of your homework submissions. For each citation, you should describe how that source was referenced. You do not need to cite conversations with instructional staff or the course textbooks, but you should cite everything else, including any conversations with other students related to the homework assignments, and any websites used. Referencing any uncited sources other than the course materials is considered cheating.

All students or groups who are determined to submit homework that violates the class collaboration policy will receive a zero on the respective homework assignment for the first offense, and will receive an F for the course for the second offense. More serious cases of cheating, such as copying someone's work without their knowledge or cheating on exams, will result in the person cheating receiving an F for the course. In addition, offenses will be reported to the Dean's office, which may result in further disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion from the program. Penalties will be given without discussion or warning; the first notice you receive may be a letter from the Dean. Note that you are responsible for not leaving copies of your assignments lying around and for protecting your files accordingly.

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