A Raisin In The Sun Essay Prompts

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Act I, Scene 1
1. Explain the significance of the money the family is expecting to receive, in terms of their past, present, and future as a family. Why is the money so important?

2. What is the significance of the title of A Raisin in the Sun?

Act I, Scene 2
1. When Walter answers his mother’s question, “Son—how come you talk so much ‘bout money?” with “Because it is life, Mama!”, what tragic flaw in Walter do we see? What is his attitude towards life, and how is it hurting him, although he may not be able to see it?

2. Walter asks plaintively, “Then why can’t there never be no peace in this house then?” We feel that he is right, and that the situation in the Younger family is hopelessly conflicted. Explain the sources of discord in the household, and what you think it would take for there to be “any peace.”

Act II, Scene 1
1. At the end of the scene, Walter implies his mother is a tyrant when he says to her, “You run our lives like you want to.” Do you think Mrs. Younger is a tyrant, running the lives of the family just as she wants to in a tyrannical way? Or do you disagree, and feel that Mrs. Younger is not trying to run their lives, but just directing her household as she thinks is best for everyone? Why?

2. Do you think it is right of George Murchison to call Walter “Prometheus”? What is Murchison implying about Walter when...

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Discussion questions for a raisin in the sun act 3

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